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That's me, Cindy and that's my running buddy Louie (aka the original Sneaker Mutt). I'm a girl who found running because of a friend and then fell in love with running because of a dog.

The friend was Anna and back in 2010 she coerced me into running the Philadelphia Half Marathon, to which I showed up over dressed and completely undertrained. It was a "horrifically magical" experience that left me wanting MORE.


The dog was Atticus a 5yr old lab mix we rescued from Texas in January 2010. That September he was diagnosed with cancer by October we were saying good bye because the chemo didn't take.


Many miles of tears were shed on our local Rail Trail in the fall of 2010 and it was there that I decided to use my feet to help paws.



2x’s Boston Marathoner, a RRCA Level 2 Running Coach, a Long Distance H.S. Track Coach, a small business owner and most dear to my heart a Rescue Dog mom extraordinar.

Hello, that's me Cindy and that’s my running buddy Louie (the original SneakerMutt) I run around upstate New York and crazy dog mom with big dreams who’s been using her feet to help paws since 2013.


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